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We are helping all types of investment managers. Our client vary across a range from the large bond managers with issues in excess of 100 million Euros to the new investment manager with seed capital of 3,5 million Euros.

Managed Account-Linked ETI

Asset managers providing discretionary portfolio management solutions to their clients are often faced with several issues in the onboarding process. When onboarding their clients with individual accounts, online asset management tools or social investment platforms, each investor is required to open an account separate from his main brokerage account and to go through the whole KYC process.

However, with the use of an ETI as a tracker instrument, these difficulties are overcome and the asset manager no longer faces the expense or volume that is required for collective investment schemes. By promoting ETI units which are listed at the exchange, the asset manager can gain more investors who have easy access to the instrument via their normal broker relationship.

Fund-Linked ETI

A Fund manager with an alternative investment strategy and international investor base is faced with several restrictions by the AiFMD such as the appointment of a custodian or marketing in the EU.

By using the ETI as a feeder structure into the fund they can overcome these difficulties. By promoting the ETI units that are repackaging the fund they still can get exposure to European investors. And with the repackaging of the non-bankable assets in a transferable ETI having an ISIN and in dematerialised form that can be deposited at Clearstream, Euroclear or MaltaClear account of the custodian the AIFMD requirement is fulfilled.

Capital Market Solutions

Small and medium sized companies are the backbone of the European economy. These companies account for most of the employment and growth in Europe, however they still have limited access to the capital markets. Start-Ups are not allowed to issue securities to the public under the EU prospectus directive, and SMEs have to face the hurdle of high costs and ongoing reporting obligation.

With our Capital Market Solutions Рrepackaging of a mini-bond or secured loan into an ETI Рthese companies can get access to an innovative finance platform and diversify their funding sources.