At the end of October Argentarius visited Singapore (from the 19th to the 25th) and Hong Kong (from the 25th to 30th) for new and follow up meetings accompanied by Philip Young, Head of Marketing at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

During the Singapore visit a breakfast seminar was organised, where Philip has introduced the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Edit Czigler -Argentarius Head of Marketing – introduced Securitisation and the European Market, and Andreas Wölfl  – Argentarius Chairman – held a presentation on the topic “Securitisation as a Gateway into the EU for Asset Managers – Structuring and Listing of Exchange Traded Instruments”.

Andreas commented on the seminar:

“I was very pleased with the outcome of the seminar. The audience was quite interested in our case studies and had interesting questions during the Q&A part. I am sure that more seminars will follow.”

During the Hong Kong visit Argentarius participated on the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association 9th Annual Conference. The event was held on the 30th October in JW Mariott Hotel and the following topics were covered:

  • The HK fund management industry – moving to the next stage
  • Managing China’s capital markets opening
  • Presentation by KPMG re the HKIFA report Vision 2020
  • Fireside chat
  • Evolving distribution model in the Mainland
  • Vision for MPF
  • CIO panel (Equity) – China capital markets: how do investment managers help investors to capitalize on the opportunities, what are the challenges and opportunities
  • China pension market – review and outlook

“The HKIFA conference provided a great opportunity to learn more about the Chinese and Hong Kong market. Whoever wants to be a global leader will have to be there. In 10 years we will not talk only about UCITS regulation but also about a China/Hong Kong equivalent as a trademark.” – said Andreas.