ETI Securities PLC

Co. Reg. No: C 55602

 (hereinafter – the “Company”)


 Whereas the Company’s business involves carrying out securitization transactions in terms of the Securitisation Act, Chapter 484 of the Laws of Malta (the “Business”);

Whereas the Company has issued exchange traded instruments named GERMAN REAL ESTATE ETI having ISIN AT0000A193K4 (hereinafter – the “ETI Units”) under linked compartment 19;

Whereas the collateral obligor of the compartment 19 completed the redemption of the underlying performance linked bonds,

Whereas the Company wishes to terminate the ISIN.

WHEREAS the Company subsequently wishes to close the Compartment 19 – GERMAN REAL ESTATE ETI, having ISIN AT0000A193K4.

It is hereby unanimously resolved:

  1. To redeem all the ETI Units issued by the Company;
  2. To confirm that the payment of any redemption proceeds shall be processed in EUR currency;
  3. To confirm that the redemption amount for the redemption of all the ETI Units shall be of EUR 1160 per ETI Unit;
  4. To withhold from payment ETI units already held by the Company;
  5. To confirm that the gross payment shall be of 263,320 EUR.
  6. To approve the payment date to be the 18th December, 2018;
  7. To apply for the termination of the ISIN;
  8. To close all and any bank accounts held with any bank, in the name of the Issuer’s Compartment 19;
  9. To close the Issuer’s Compartment 19;

This resolution may be executed in counterpart. Each counterpart is to be read as an original document and all such counterparts are to be deemed as representing the same document.

Signed and executed on the: 30th  November, 2018 by: