iStructure PCC Plc
Company Registration Number 114345
(hereinafter the “Company”)
Circular resolution in writing signed by the directors of the Company, entitled to receive notice of and to attend and vote at board meetings of the Company.
WHEREAS iStructure PCC PLC (the “Issuer”) has issued ETI units named King Global Alternatives EUR Asset Backed ETI , having ISIN MT0001151290 (the “ETI Units”) in respect of cell 12 (the “Cell 12”).
WHEREAS the Company wishes to redeem all the ETI Units issued by the Company.
WHEREAS the Company subsequently wishes to terminate the ISIN MT0001151290, issued by the Malta Stock Exchange.
WHEREAS the Company wishes to close Cell 12 – King Global Alternatives EUR Asset Backed ETI, having ISIN MT0001151290
It is hereby unanimously resolved:
1. To redeem all the ETI Units issued by the Company;
2. To confirm that the payment of any redemption proceeds shall be processed in EUR currency;
3. To confirm that the redemption amount for the redemption of all the ETI Units shall be of EUR 915.28 per ETI Unit;
4. To confirm that the gross payment shall be of 1,375,665.84 EUR.
5. To approve the payment date to be the 25th January, 2019;
6. To apply with Malta Stock Exchange for the termination of the ISIN;
7. To close all and any bank accounts held with any bank, in the name of the Issuer’s Cell 12;
8. To confirm that once any and all liabilities have been settled, to close the Issuer’s Cell 12;
9. To approve the submission of all and any necessary documentation required by any authority and / or bank in order to terminate the ISIN and finalise the closing of the above-mentioned.
10. To notify any other third party, as may be required, of the closure of the Cell 12.
This resolution may be executed in counterpart. Each counterpart is to be read as an original document and all such counterparts are to be deemed as representing the same document.
Signed and executed on the: 17th January, 2019 by:
Andreas Wolfl