Co. Reg. No: 59190
(Hereinafter – the “Company”)
Notice to Investors
4th December 2018
Notification to investors regarding the possibility to redeem the ETI Units having ISIN MT0000871260 in kind

This is a notice to investors issued by Delta1 Securities PLC (the “Issuer”) in respect of Linked Compartment 6 which issued ETI units named Terreus Universe USD Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000871260) following the notice to investors issued on the 16th July 2018, whereby investors were notified of the intention of the Company to purchase of instrument called Terreus Universe ETI, having ISIN CH0438784768 and issued by Imaps Capital Plc, against Performance Linked Bonds issued by the collateral and held by the Issuer. By the same notice the Company announced the intention to initialize a redemption in-kind of ETI units (ISIN MT0000871260) whereby ETI Units held by you as an investor will be exchanged with the corresponding value in the instruments called Terreus Universe ETI, having ISIN CH0438784768 (the “redemption in-kind proposal”). You as the investor have the right to approve or object to a redemption in-kind of the ETI. Upon the finalization of the redemption in kind, the issuer intends to terminate the ETI units having ISIN MT0000871260.
Possibility to send a redemption in-kind request
In addition, the Issuer in respect of Linked Compartment 6, hereby grants you the opportunity to submit a redemption in-kind request as attached to this notice, should you wish to redeem your ETI Units against units issued by Imaps Capital PLC, having ISIN CH0438784768. The redemption in kind notice must be submitted to the Issuer AND to your broker by no later than the 28th December 2018 to the following:
Email: [email protected]