Notice is hereby given to all investors of the exchange traded Instruments named SMART Capital ETI (ISIN AT0000A1CJL2) (“ETI Units”) issued by ETI Securities PLC (the “Company”), bearing registration number C 55602,

The Company hereby notifies you as an investor in Cell 25 which issued ETI units called SMART Capital ETI (ISIN AT0000A1CJL2) that it has received notice from collateral obligor, ETI Malta – compartment 13, that the underlying investment has defaulted in payment of the interest. The underlying investment consists of a loan which matures in 2021.

Therefore, taking into consideration that there are not enough funds needed to take legal action against the debtor, SMART CAPITAL ETI having ISIN AT0000A1CJL2 becomes insolvent, to be redeemed for 1 eurocent per ETI Unit.

Investors who want to ensure legal action against the debtor is taken and thus keeping the ETI active, are offered until 19th April 2019 the possibility to grant a 100,000 Euro non-interest bearing, limited recourse loan to the Linked Compartment in which case the ETI would stay active and legal action against the debtor will be taken. Any repayment of the non-interest bearing, limited-recourse loan would be subject to the receipt of sufficient funds out of such legal action.