Notice is hereby given to all investors of the exchange traded Instruments named MEZ Capital ETI (ISIN AT0000A15PX3) (“ETI Units”) issued by ETI Securities PLC (the “Company”), bearing registration number C 55602 to update on the liquidation process of the above mentioned ETI.

With effect 28th September 2018 the Investment Management Agreement with the Investment Manager Financial Marketing Advisors got terminated. The investment manager achieved to sell most of the non-dematerialized bonds at an average price that is at or above the valuation used to calculate the last published indicative NAV.

The portfolio still consists only of a few non-ISIN and some dematerialized but non-listed bonds as well as listed financial instruments. The board of directors intends to hold the non-dematerialized as well as the dematerialized bonds until maturity and once all these non-listed bonds are matured and bought back will start selling the listed financial instruments at the market or redeem them at the Issuer.

The board of directors expects the liquidation to be finalized within 2019 and, as the majority of the bonds have been repaid, to re-commence the ETI units buy-back programme with at least EUR 1 million per week starting as of 29-th October 2018 with starting buy back price at 1674 EUR / unit.