ETI Securities Plc
Co. Reg. No: C55602
(Hereinafter – the “Company”)
7th January, 2019
Disruptive Investments Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000961202)
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to you as an investor of Disruptive Investments Asset Backed ETI, ISIN MT0000961202, (hereinafter the (“Units”) pursuant to the notice issued on 18-th October 2018 that the Company has received an offer to sell the underlying assets held in compartment 29 for a total amount of GBP 23,900 with the below details:
Security Type
Offered Amount
Loan Note
Mithril Financial Advisors
GBP 900
Disruptive Investments Ltd
The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to notify the investors in the above-mentioned ETIs, that no counter offer was received by the time specified in the prior notice and it accepts the offer to sell the underlying assets which consists of:
1. Loan Notes issued by Mithril Financial Advisors Inc, a company registered under the laws of Barbados, with number 39942, having its registered address at Greenpark, Wanstead Heights, Barbados,
2. Shares issued by Disruptive Investments Ltd, a company registered in the registrar of companies for England and Wales with number 9382929 on 12.01.2015
The Company will start the process of redemption and termination of the units once the redemption amount is received from the Collateral Obligor.
Andreas Wolfl
Maltese ID No: 151372(A)