Argentarius moved to Valletta, the capital of Malta, on the 25th May 2015.

The new office is the next step in a range of new developments at Argentarius.  Our company has been based in Malta since 2012 in smaller offices and the growth in securitisation has meant that we needed to find a larger premises to service a growing client base of asset managers.

The choice of location was quite obvious as the historic capital of Valletta is a growing city with new developments and business opportunities.

At the beginning of the year after careful planning a residential townhouse  was chosen to accommodate the company and the months of refurbishment started. It was quite a challenge to turn this beautiful traditional Valletta residence  into a professional working environment. All services were brought up to a modern standard including complete electrical rewiring, pluming and network cabling. We made a few structural alterations and repainted both inside and outside including our red Maltese balcony.

BT Commercial supplied a highly efficient air conditioning system which had to be installed via the roof in the middle of the night, which is the only time we could operate a crane in Valletta and close the road. Ozone supplied us with our new phone system including a cloud PABX which reduces the level of equipment we need to have in house.

Our new range of telephone numbers ensures that each member of our team has access to individual voice mail box and can send a fax from the desktop.

IJ Solutions installed all our network cabling, security door entry system and video equipment. Oxford House carefully designed our work spaces and provided all our new and modern furniture as well as advising us how to balance the traditional with the new. The furniture was delivered  at 4 am in the morning with a team of installers that spent three days onsite.

We would like to give a very special thank you to all our suppliers and especially to our project manager, Mihai Leonti, who managed the whole project liaising with all suppliers and delivering a completed project on time.

The new address of Argentarius House is 7 Triq San Mark, VLT1364 Valletta, Malta. When you come and visit us just look for the red door and balcony, it is hard to miss.