Whereas the Company’s business involves carrying out securitization transactions in terms of the Securitisation Act, Chapter 484 of the Laws of Malta (the “Business”);

Whereas the Company has issued exchange traded instruments named Aratus Renewable Energy ETI having ISIN MT0000871211 (hereinafter – the “ETI Units”) under linked compartment 9;

Whereas Aratus Renewable Energy Inc, as collateral obligor of the compartment 9, at the date of the Redemption of the Performance Linked Bonds, was in possession of below assets with the status:

Security Type Issuer Status
Loan Note Mithril Financial Advisors Default

Wereas Aratus Renewable Energy Inc, as collateral obligor of the compartment 9, has received no payment for the offer to buy the assets, pursuant to the notice issued on 7th January 2019 and 18th October 2018,

Whereas the Company, in respect of linked compartment 9 has completed the Redemption of Performance Linked Bonds

THEREFORE, the Board of Directors, in respect of said compartment 29 hereby resolves the following:

  1. To recognise Redemption of the Performance Linked Bonds at 0.1GBP per Performance Linked Bond
  2. To approve Redemption and Termination of ETI units at 0.1GBP per ETI unit
  3. To approve the gross amount to be paid in amount of 259.70 GBP
  4. To approve Redemption Payment Date as 18.03.2019
  5. To notify all and any third parties and / or authorities as may be necessary to affect the above-mentioned cancellation / termination of the Bonds and ETI units.

This resolution may be executed in counterpart. Each counterpart is to be read as an original document and all such counterparts are to be deemed as representing the same document.

Signed and executed on the: 12th March 2019