Early in June 2015 Argentarius was invited by Matthias Knab, Managing Director & Managing Editor at Opalesque,  to present the company and its operation in a video interview.

Our chairman, Andreas Wölfl, was interviewed by Matthias and introduced the Argentarius Group by detailing our securitisation platform based in Malta.

Andreas goes through the legal framework used in Malta for securitisation transactions and describes how a securitisation transaction is used by an asset manager to create an investment product for distribution to EU professional investors and how this structure is utilised by a non EU manager to access the EU market.

Opalesque was formed in 2001 to provide professional news services to participants in the alternative investment sector. The Opalesque publication Alternative Market Briefing is the only daily hedge fund news service read by the elite hedge fund managers themselves.

Matthias Knab is an internationally recognized expert on hedge funds and alternatives. Mr. Knab has frequently served as chairman of hedge fund conferences New York, Greenwich, Miami, London, Monaco, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Stockholm and Dubai.