Circular resolution in writing signed by the directors of the Company, entitled to receive notice of and to attend and vote at board meetings of the Company.

WHEREAS the Company, in respect of linked compartment 7 has issued exchange traded instruments (“ETI Units”) called Football Finance Note USD Asset Backed ETI, having ISIN MT0000971219.

WHEREAS linked compartment 7 has no further investments and therefore, wishes to pay out the redemption proceeds.

WHEREAS the Company, in respect of linked compartment 7 wishes to subsequently destroy all ETI Units and close linked compartment 7.

It is hereby unanimously resolved:
1. To approve the payment of redemption in respect of all outstanding ETI Units.
2. To approve that a redemption of one thousand twenty-two US Dollars and forty four cents ($1022.44) per ETI Unit shall be paid to the holders of ETI Units.
3. To approve the redemption payment date to be the 31st August 2018.
4. To approve that, subsequent to the above-mentioned redemption of all ETI Units, all the ETI Units issued by the Company linked compartment 7 shall be terminated / destroyed.
5. To approve the cancellation of the ISIN number issued to linked compartment 7 of the Company.
6. To approve the closure of all and any bank accounts opened in the name and / or for and on behalf of Goldstein Structured Products SA, linked compartment 7, only.
7. To approve that all and any applicable authorities and / or entities are to be informed of the above-mentioned.

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