NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to you as an investor in US Equity Long Short Market Neutral USD Asset Backed ETI having ISIN MT0000961343 (hereinafter the “ETI Units”) that the Board of Directors has received notification from US Equity Long-Short Inc., the collateral obligor (the “Collateral Obligor”) of the ETI, compartment 38, that it intends to redeem all the bonds and subsequently liquidate the company.

Therefore, Board of Directors of the Company has resolved to redeem all the ETI Units in accordance with clause 15 of the terms and conditions of the ETI Units entitled “Early Redemption by the Collateral Obligor”.

Investors shall be paid in cash. Investors shall receive the redemption amount of USD 709.58 per ETI Unit and the redemption proceeds shall be paid out within 16.03.2018.

Subsequent to the redemption of all the ETI Units (ISIN MT0000961343), the Company shall start the process for closure of compartment 38.