NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to you as an investor in PP 5plus Portfolio Bond, having ISIN AT0000A19G53 (the “ETI”) issued by Goldstein Structured Products S.A. (the “Issuer”), in respect of compartment 4.

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to notify investors that it has resolved to terminate the above-mentioned ETI and to commence the process of liquidation of the underlying assets.

Investors’ attention is brought to the fact that the redemption amount of two hundred and forty-two euro and ninety-one cents (€ 242.91) per ETI unit shall be paid out to each investor holding ETI units in Goldstein Structured Products S.A. compartment 4 (ISIN AT0000A19G53).

As per the terms and conditions of the ETI, the redemption day shall be the last business day of the quarter i.e. 29th June 2018. The repayment date shall be the later of the following two days: (i) the third Business Day following the relevant Valuation Date, or (ii) the day on which the Issuer actually receives the proceeds from the compartment assets.

Subsequent to the redemption process, the Issuer shall proceed with the closure of compartment 4.