The following is a notice to investors holding exchange traded instruments (“ETI Units”) issued by ETI Securities PLC (the “Issuer”) in respect of MASP II ETI (ISIN AT0000A1DVH3).

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to notify the investors that Terms & Conditions of the ETI Units named MASP II ETI (ISIN AT0000A1DVH3) (the “Terms & Conditions”) have been updated as follows:

(i) clause 6 of the Terms & Conditions, which contained an error in the name of the collateral obligor (Massenbauer Analyse Strategieportfolio Ltd) corrected accordingly to Massenbauer Analyse Strategieportfolio Inc

(ii) clause 6 of the Terms & Conditions has been amended to refer to managed accounts with (i) Sparkasse Bank Malta PLC and/or (ii) Interactive Brokers LLC instead of (i) Saxobank and/or (ii) Baader Bank.

(iii) the Terms & Conditions are to be updated to refer to the new Arranger, being Argentarius Securities & Investment Business Company.

Kindly note that the updated Terms & Conditions can be requested on [email protected]