Notification to Investors in the exchange traded instruments (ETIs) issued by the cells of iStructure PCC PLC

The following is a Notice to investors in any of the ETIs issued by iStructure PCC PLC (the “Issuer”).

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to notify investors, that it has received notification that Ms. Edit Czigler is desirous of resigning from her post as director of the Issuer, with effect from the 5th August 2018. Due to this, the Company has resolved to convert into a private limited company under section 45 of the Companies Act (Cayman), therefore having one (1) director namely, Mr. Andreas Wolfl. This would mean that no additional director will be needed to replace the resigning director and all operations of the Issuer will be handled by the sole director, Mr. Andreas Wolfl.

The Issuer, in its respect and in respect of all and any cells still in existence, has resolved to commence the process of closing all the cells and to subsequently liquidate the company.

Investors’ attention is brought to the fact that some cells will take a number of years to close down due to the nature of the underlying investment. The Issuer does not anticipate quickening the selling off procedure of the underlying investments and therefore, the actual liquidation of the company will take a number of years.

No new securities will be issued.

No subscription requests from investors shall be processed.

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