Notice to Investors in   
Impact Sport Securitisation GBP Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000971201) and / or 
Impact Sport Securitisation ETI (ISIN AT0000A13A63)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to you as an investor in either or both of the above-mentioned exchange traded instruments (ETIs) which are currently in the process of liquidation. The board of directors have received an offer to purchase shares in a fund named Ecotonian Sports Fund IC (the “Fund”) by way of subscription in kind i.e. Goldstein Structured Products SA on behalf of compartment 6 and 2 respectively will pay the fund shares by transferring the underlying investment in Ecotonian Sports Ltd. By doing so, Goldstein Structure Products SA on behalf of compartment 6 and 2 respectively will be reducing the credit risk it currently has.

Ecotonian Sports Fund IC is an open-ended incorporated cell of an incorporated cell company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of Jersey with registration number 123835. The Fund’s objective is that of providing investors with an attractive return through participation in short to medium term alternative financing in the sports economy. The Fund will seek to satisfy these criteria through the secured and unsecured alternative financing (whether direct or indirect) of entities and individuals in the sports economy. The Investment Manager is Ecotonian ICC and the Investment Advisor is Econtonian Sport Ltd.

The proposed investment in the Fund will not lead to higher returns for you as an investor and it is not anticipated that the redemption proceeds will be realized sooner.

In order for the proposed transaction to take place, 100% consent of the responded investors is required. Investors’ attention is brought to the fact that any non-responsive investors will not be counted or considering when assessing the 100% required consent.

You are hereby requested to submit the enclosed “Declaration of Investors” with either your approval or rejection of the proposed transaction, by no later than 15th February 2018 to [email protected] or otherwise to 66A, The Strand, Sliema SLM1022, Malta.

The offering documentation of the Fund is available on request and free of charge. Kindly submit your request to [email protected].