The following is a notice to investors issued by Commonwealth Securitisation PLC (the “Issuer”) in respect of the below listed security issued by the Issuer: Arnold Coffee Spa EUR Asset Backed ETD (ISIN MT0000951211).

By means of a notice to investors issued on the 13th November 2017, the Company notified investors that the above-mentioned ETD was put into liquidation and that it is expected that the redemption proceeds will be paid by no later than the end of 2021.

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to notify investors that it has received request(s) from other investors with regards to the possibility to exchange the ETD Units currently in possession against a direct holding in the underlying investment i.e. Arnold Coffee Bond 7% 2016-2021 (ISIN IT0005058695).

The Board of Directors of the Company has no objection to the proposed exchange; however, this will only be affected should the Company receive one hundred percent (100%) consent from all investors and this by the last business day of March 2018. The investor declaration is to be sent to [email protected]

The Company hereby notifies investors that should they be interested in the proposed exchange, you are to submit the attached declaration with your consent. Investors’ attention is brought to the fact that the exchange ratio shall be 12:10 i.e. for every 12 ETD units the investor will get 10 Bonds.