Dear Sir / Madam

Notice is hereby given to all investors of the exchange traded Instruments (“ETI Units”) named Immogrund Invest EUR Asset Backed ETI (ISINMT0000961376) issued by ETI Securities PLC (the “Company”), having company registration number HRB 43672 that the board of Directors of the Company has received notification from its collateral obligor ETI Malta Ltd, compartment 10, that the underlying investment is in default in the coupon payment of first quarter 2018, which should have been paid at the end of March 2018.

The underlying investment consists of Immogrund Invest Bonds issued by Immogrund Invest GmbH should have paid a coupon on the last business day of March 2018, however, despite various reminders and contact by the board of directors of the collateral obligor, Immogrund Invest GmbH has failed to pay the coupon.

The board of directors of the collateral obligor are assessing the situation and the possible courses of action.