Liquidation of MIVAL Connect EUR Asset Backed ETI 
The following is corporate news issued by iStructure PCC PLC (the “Issuer”) in respect of the below listed security issued by the Issuer: 

MIVAL Connect EUR Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0001151357) 

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to notify investors that, the Issuer has received notification from the collateral obligor, ETI Luxembourg Sarl in respect of compartment1, that the board of directors of the collateral obligor has resolved to redeem all the securitization bonds and subsequently close compartment 1. 

In lieu of the above, the Issuer in respect of MIVAL Connect EUR Asset Backed ETI hereby notifies you of such redemption by the collateral obligor and therefore the ETI will redeem all its ETI units and subsequently terminate the cell. Investors’ attention is brought to the fact that no redemption requests by investors will be accepted or processed as from the date of this Corporate News. 

Furthermore, the Issuer hereby notifies investors in the above-mentioned ETIs that price quote updates will not be made given that the ETI is in the process of liquidation.  
Investors’ attention is being brought to the fact that investors may purchase, in exchange of the ETI units, any and all of the underlying investment of the collateral obligor i.e. shares in INFC Holding Ltd. At the date of this Notice, a group company has offered to purchase the underlying for GBP 27.94 per share for all the 789 shares owned by the collateral obligor.

The Issuer still expects settlement to the investor to be done before the following dates: 
MIVAL Connect EUR Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0001151357) before end of 2018