The following is a Correction Document issued by Commonwealth Securitisations PLC (the “Issuer”) to the corporate news (the “Corporate News”) already issued by the Issuer in respect of compartment 3 which issued ETI units named Swan Affordable Housing Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951229). The Corporate News is question was issued today, 16th June 2017.

It is to be noted that the Board of Directors of the Company, apart from resolving to de-list the ETI units issued in respect of compartment 3, named Swan Affordable Housing Asset Backed ETI, from the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, wishes to clarify that the investment vehicle being the underlying of Swan Affordance Housing Asset Backed ETI has illiquid assets and therefore, the payment of proceeds to investors, if any redemption requests are received, may not be finalized until the end of 2026.