Launch of Buy-Back Programme following the de -listing and suspension of trading from the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Following the Corporate News issued by Commonwealth Securitisations PLC (the “Issuer”) in respect of the below listed securities issued by the Issuer on the 10th July 2017:

Arnold Coffee Spa EUR Asset Backed ETD (ISIN MT0000951211);

Level 7 Global Holdings Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951252);

STAR AI Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951237);

Blackmore Multistrategy Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951245);

Swan Affordable Housing Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951229);

Opus Mixed Z1 Use Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951203)

(the “ETI Units”)

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to further notify the investors that trading has been suspended however, the instruments have not been suspended and are trading within the major clearing systems. Prices are updated on a weekly basis.

In order to ensure liquidity for investors as well as to guarantee an ordinary trading, the Issuer decided to launch a buy-back programme whereby the Issuer is offering to buy back ETI Units from investors on a daily basis. The Issuer guarantees that the bid-ask spread will not exceed fifty euro (€ 50) per ETI Unit with a minimum size of ten (10) ETI Units.

It is to be noted that the buy-back programme mentioned above shall apply to all the ETI Units listed in this Corporate News with the exception of Opus Mixed Z1 Use Asset Backed ETI (ISIN MT0000951203) to which the buy-back programme will apply however, the bid-ask spread applicable will be not exceeding five thousand euro (€ 5,000) per ETI Unit, given that this particular ETI is still listed on the regulated market of the EWSM.

Kindly note that the board of directors of the Issuer is currently discussing the way forward and additional feedback will be provided in the coming days.