Argentarius is an international group of companies with a strong business focus on listed structured investment products. We operate platforms in Malta, Gibraltar and the Cayman Island for the issuance of Exchange Traded Instruments linked to the performance of a predefined asset. The Group comprises of Argentarius ETI Management Ltd, Argentarius Securities  & Investment Business Company and Argentarius ETI Hong Kong Ltd.

“After implementing index projects at the Vienna Stock Exchange I began to see how securitisation could be used to help solve structural challenges in financial markets. Since the launch of our first securitisation transaction in 2007 the team at Argentarius has built a robust, scalable and cost effective securitisation platform that delivers a structured investment product in a very short time. We live in interesting times and within a constantly evolving regulatory environment which means that our products are always developing to solve more challenges in the capital markets.”

– Andreas Wolf (CEO)

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